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Introduction to Hand Building 
Make your own Mugs and/or Trays -  $60.00 per person -
for a single 2-hour session
Oh, yes. You can do it!

Have you experienced pottery?  Time to try something

completely different ... 

Hand building!

You will be amazed at what you can do with a piece of clay!

This workshop covers the basic skills required to hand-build items from clay. Slab building will be the main method to give you a good understanding of the way the clay reacts and how items are made. You will choose from simple slab-made mugs, bowls, plates, or platters depending on your level of experience and commitment. 
After you have created your own project, I will step in and complete the more technical finishing steps.
The time frame for completion of your project can be three weeks or more depending on how thick the clay body is. Each person has a different level of experience and there must be time to allow for your work to completely dry before it can take the next important first step, to be biscuit fired in the kiln.

The next step in the process is to glaze your piece/s in colours of your choice from glazes. 

The all-inclusive price includes all clay and equipment, biscuit firing, glaze, and glaze firing. Equipment, tools, clay, and glazes will be provided to allow you to unleash your creativity. Fun and informative! Even better with a friend.  
These workshops are also available in a package of 6 (2-hour) sessions per person, should you wish to continue your clay experience.


From This

! handbuilding mug.jpg

To This

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Or This ...
Plus More